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Business Divisions

Business Divisions of Oil and Industrial Services

The Construction and Field Services Division: This division manages rehabilitation and upgrades to existing oil and gas facilities and refineries including but not limited to: maintenance of wellhead platforms and jackets on land, swamp and offshore; corrosion protection, inspection and control; construction of steel structures and storage tanks; maintenance of process equipment, pumps, power generators, air compressors and radiators.

Pipeline Division:  This division handles Onshore / Offshore pipe laying and Integrated pipeline maintenance operations.
Marine Services Division: Oil and Industrial Services owns and leases specialized work vessels including 4-point mooring AHTSV as well as a number of multi-purpose offshore /swamp work barges . The Marine Services Division provide excellent logistics support to specialized offshore maintenance projects, including pipe-laying and retrieval.

Engine Controls Division: Oil and Industrial Services utilizes a purpose built facility comprising a fully equipped workshop complete with modern test stands and accessories, warehouse and offices.
Oil and Gas Machinery / Equipment Division: This arm of OIS handles the provision of models, equipment and facilities for Oil and Gas institutions and related laboratories.

Machine Shop Division: This department handles turning operations, milling operations, surface grinding operations, API threading and production of custom made spare parts and other components for industry.

Our facilities are equipped with modern diagnostic and performance test rigs for Woodward Engine Governors, Bosch and Delphi diesel products and injection pumps.

Our Services

Oil and Industrial Services Ltd provides the following quality services to the West African oil and industrial sectors:

Maintenance of wellhead platforms on land, swamp and offshore.

Corrosion protection, inspection and control.

Construction of storage tanks and other large vessels.

Steel construction and machine shop facilities

Extensive marine and diving services

Leasing of Marine equipment – vessels and barges for swamp, offshore and deep sea services

Leasing of various sizes of cranes (25 Ton - 1000 Ton)

Maintenance, repair and sale of Woodward Governors.

Maintenance of process equipment, pumps, power generators air compressors, etc.